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Review - "Albright breathed life into old standards and even created a fully-formed composition on the spot. It was worth the wait."
Posted October 21, 2015

Texas Public Radio raved about Charlie's October 13, 2015 concert in San Antonio, Texas, writing that "the impromptu composition was just one highlight of many on the program, which Albright capped with two encores" and "never felt without direction."

"He has won or placed in numerous piano competitions and is an official Steinway artist. The crowd at St. Luke's Episcopal for his afternoon recital could hear why."

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Review - "And the audience loved what it heard! Masterfully performed. A pure joy."
Posted October 2, 2015

Charlie's debut at Pro Musica Detroit was met with critical acclaim. Writer Josiah Tazelaar raved that "the audience loved what it heard!" Albright's Schubert "had the perfect touch" and "the audience also became part of his communication with us."

"Ah! What a fine interpretation!" was written with regard to Charlie's performance of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. "Charlie enhanced his performance by speaking clearly before each composition he was about to play. All evening we were in this, together!"

"The highlight for many was his improvisation, which is what sets Charlie apart from other pianists. The thrill here is hearing a glorious piece of music, all the while realizing that it had never been heard before, and will never be heard again. The audience cheered!"

Tazelaar continued that "Albright's Chopin was a pure joy. Chopin struck just the right position, and Charlie put his personal stamp on his interpretation. A bravura performance, this!"

The entire review is available here.


Feature - "Charlie Albright has an appetite for great piano music."
Posted September 18, 2015

The Fresno Bee published a feature article on Charlie Albright previewing his recent concert on the Philip Lorenzo Memorial Concert Series at Fresno State in California. The entire article is available here.


Review - "The ultimate goal is to enjoy music with pure delight and unbridled passion. The virtuoso talent of (Albright)...offered a glimpse of how that can be achieved."
Posted May 19, 2015

mLive published a rave review of Charlie Albright's performance with conductor Scott Speck and the West Michigan Symphony on May 15, 2015. "A storm was brewing in Muskegon on Friday night; not in the form of wind, rain, or snow but in the form of a lanky young phenom whose fingers could devastate the 88 keys of the grand piano perched on the stage."

"As effortlessly as his fingers produced the sentimental phrases, he conquered the dynamic chords and swift passages. Hunched over the keyboard like a mad scientist, he appeared to dissect and then dominate the notes. Albright caressed the gentle melodies, dominated the feverish measures, and raced through the full range of the keyboard with confidence."

"Unable to control their enthusiasm, the 1,300-strong audience erupted into applause, whistled, and shouted with elation between movements. This unorthodox expression of enjoyment seemed to charm and please Albright."

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Review - "Albright made quite an impression. He is full of ideas...and a dazzling natural keyboard affinity."
Posted April 27, 2015

The Washington Post criticallya acclaimed Charlie's performance with Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra in Fairfax, VA.

"The soloist in the concerto, the young American pianist Charlie Albright, made quite an impression. He is full of ideas...and has a dazzling natural keyboard affinity. He does not have an overpowering sonority (fingers more velvet than steel) but a lot of nuance."

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Review - "The orchestra and Albright proceeded to demonstrate how much they deserve all their honors and awards."
Posted April 27, 2015

The DC Metro Theater Arts raved about Charlie's performance of the Ravel Concerto in G Major with Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

"Lockhart's enthusiasm for the music was more than matched by Albright's intensity and animation. He moved and danced all over the keyboard, yet was surprisingly delicate in his handling of the more intimate parts of the Concerto. His technical prowess was more than evident in the elaborate cadenzas and convoluted sequences of notes, as they never became muddied or rushed but were crystal clear. It was a treat to watch and listen, an attitude shared by the entire audience as evidenced by the standing ovation this piece received.
So much so, that Albright was brought back to perform an encore: the audience picked four musical notes and he improvised a piece using those four notes as a base. To hear the initial sequence of four notes and then what an elaborate, beautiful piece Albright turned those simple notes into was thrilling—we had heard what he could do with a piece by someone else, but to listen to his own improvisation, and the emotion he poured into this simple piece – really showed his skill and passion for the piano and for music. He received a well-deserved second standing ovation."

The entire review is available here.


Review - "The BBC and Albright...The Best of the Year"
Posted April 24, 2015

El Nuevo Herald in Miami, Florida praised Charlie Albright, conductor Keith Lockhart, and the BBC Concert Orchestra on their "combination of musical excellence, the unforgettable enjoyment, ovation...with no exception." "The great attraction of the evening was undoubtedly the monumental...Shostakovich, in which Albright gave a masterclass memory playing this monstrosity. To say that the young soloist is great is commonplace...(He) offered an improvisation on four notes he dictated randomly from the audience...There are no words to describe what he did."

To read the entire review in Spanish, click here. The English translation is available here.


Review - "The highlight of the concert was pianist Charlie Albright."
Posted April 24, 2015

The Palm Beach Daily News wrote of Charlie Albright's "wonderful job connecting his phrases to the orchestra's, tying together melodic melodies that may have otherwise gone unnoticed" in the Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major with Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra. "In this performance, seemed that the composer's abilities in melody and counterpoint were highlighted.

"Following the concerto, Albright displayed his virtuosity by performing an audience-driven improvisation as an somewhere between Dmitri Shostakovich, Ravel and Frederic Chopin."

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Review - "Technical skill and outstanding musicianship"
Posted April 24, 2015 raved about Charlie Albright's concert with Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra, writing that Albright "displayed technical skill and oustanding musicianship. Even when the piano was silent, his body language reflected the bouncy rhythms, and his playing was particularly expressive in jazzy and bluesy passages and virtuosic when his hands seemed to be doing battle, the left's melodic lines pitted against the right's interjections and, in the cadenza, its persistent trills. Albright played the Adagio's long opening solo meaningfully and alternated with orchestral solos to sustain the dreamy atmosphere. The finale was a wild gallop."

"Albright offered a rather unusual encore -- an improvisation based on four notes called out by members of the audience. The spectacular result, about five minutes in length, was suggestive of the great Romantic composer-pianists. Albright has a bright future not only as a pianist but as a composer as well."

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Review - "Will stay in the memory forever."
Posted April 15, 2015

Albright's USA tour with Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra is being met with critical acclaim. The Palm Beach Daily News wrote that "The highlight of the night was Dmitri Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F, with soloist Charlie Albright. Albright's performance was all that work needs - steel hammers in the fast movements, and silken beauty in the second. That movement will stay in the memory forever. And he gave us an encore - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Turkish Rondo as arranged by Arcadi Volodos. The technical demands are so extreme that it makes the perfect encore."

Click here to read the entire review, and click here to see the upcoming concerts in this tour and Albright's 2014-2015 season!


Review - "Albright is Dazzling in Homecoming Concert"
Posted February 12, 2015

Bill Moeller of The Chronicle wrote that "In the limited years that I have left, I never expect to be present at a better one (concert). It was a superb evening. The only thing that could even equal it would be another concert by young Mr. Albright."

"To think that I almost didn't buy a ticket gives me shivers. If the ticket price seemd a little high for a guy on Social Security (and Chronicle compensation) I'll just do without something else, and consider myself lucky."

"Young Albright is as much a master of technique as he is of presentation. I can see some composition in his future. A music-savvy friend...said he could see some conducting in Charlie's future as well. I don't doubt it."

"If what I've written here gives the impression that tonight's performance was the best I've ever witnessed, then I wrote true (to use a Hemingway phrase)."

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Article - "Beautiful Music for hometown crowd...raised over $14,000"
Posted February 10, 2015

Charlie performed a benefit concert on February 7, 2015 for the Centralia College Foundation, raising over $14,000 for the Charlie Albright Scholarship and the Charlie Albright Piano of Centralia's Corbet Theatre at his first concert in Centralia in four years. President Robert Frost told The Chronicle "I was completely blown away. I expected a master and I really saw a genius."

Click here for the complete article.


Review - Kymen Sanomet, Finland - "Piano Virtuoso Reached Chopin's Essence"
Posted January 20, 2015

Charlie's orchestral debut in Europe and debut performance in Finland was met with critical acclaim, with performances of the Chopin Variations, Op. 2 on "La Ci Darem La Mano" and the Chopin Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante. Charlie performed with the Kymi Sinfonietta and guest conductor Alpesh Chauhan in both Kotka and Kouvola on January 14 and 15, 2015.

The Kymen Sanomet wrote that the "Charlie Albright captured its sound world and structures with unfailing mastery. His total immersion in the composer’s innermost being continued in the dreamy, bubbling Andante, from which burst the majestic Grande Polonaise for piano and orchestra.

It is a most brilliant work of its kind. In the hands of this soloist, the texture, bathed in full splendour, flowed along with an effortless virtuosity enlivened by a primitive rhythmic drive and a refined piano tone.

The arrangement of W.A. Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca heard as an encore soared like a magnificent firework in which virtuosity knew no bounds."

Click here for the original review with English translation.


Review - New York Concert Review, Inc.
Posted November 24, 2014

Charlie's concert at SubCulture in New York on November 20, 2014 was described as "an evening not to be forgotten."

“Albright is a pianist whose name music-lovers will be hearing more and more. Winner of a slew of awards, most prominently a 2014 Avery Fisher Career Grant, Mr. Albright is now in the company of musicians who have become household names…Ursula Oppens, Richard Stoltzman, Joshua Bell, Hillary Hahn, Yuja Wang, and many others who have made their marks. Mr. Albright will undoubtedly lend his own additional distinction to this already illustrious group. This concert, an evening not to be forgotten. He displayed a joy in his playing that was utterly infectious. Beethoven, for one, felt new, because as casual as Mr. Albright was in his stage style and commentary, he was equally intense in his high-powered performances. The finale…took on a fire of the master’s Op. 57 or 111.  It was brilliant, precise, and powerful. In fact, throughout the entire evening, he displayed a joy in playing that was utterly infectious. He disarms jaded concertgoers with an openness and humility that for some reason we are not prepared to expect. Albright brings a vibrant spirit and limitless range for performances. He possesses a kind of intellect that doesn’t stop growing and will no doubt continue to surprise as his career progresses. The Etude No. 11 (“Winter Wind”), was, as they say, “as good as it gets” – and so was No. 12 (“The Ocean”). The improvisation was…spectacular, and the spontaneity, even with stylistic similarity to Chopin and Rachmaninoff, kept one on the edge of one’s seat.  The improvisation alone was worth the trip. Bravo – and encore!”

Click here to read the entire review online.


Charlie Albright Taking Requests - Santa Barbara Independent Interview
Posted October 10, 2014

Check out an interview with Charlie in the Santa Barbara Independent, previewing his concert at the Music Academy of the West on October 15, 2014!


Charlie to Perform with Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra and San Francisco Performances Series
Posted September 9, 2014

Charlie will perform the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 with the Spartanburg Philarhmonic Orchestra and Music Director Sarah Ioannides on Saturday, September 13, 2014 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In March, 2015, Charlie will appear as a special bonus concert on the San Francisco Performances Concert Series.

Click here to view Charlie's complete 2014-2015 Concert Season.


Concert with Bobby McFerrin and Other 2014-2015 Concert Season Updates
Posted August 19, 2014

Click here to view and download Charlie's updated 2014-2015 Concert Season, including new concerts with vocalist/conductor Bobby McFerrin ("Don't Worry, Be Happy") with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and in Manhattan at SubCulture. Charlie's 2014-2015 Concert Season includes 37 concerts and residencies. Highlights include a 14-concert USA tour with Keith Lockhart and the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) Concert Orchestra, debuts with the Victoria, Tacoma, and West Michigan Symphonies, and solo concerts throughout the United States and Germany.


TV Interview on PBS Show NYC-Arts for 2014 Avery Fisher Career Grant
Posted July 22, 2014

Charlie will appear on NYC-Arts five times around the greater New York City metropolitan area on July 24, 25, and 27, 2014, speaking about his recent win of the 2014 Avery Fisher Career Grant at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

8pm, July 24 - THIRTEEN
7pm, July 25 - WLIW21
12pm, July 27 - THIRTEEN
3pm, July 27 - WLIW21
8:30pm, July 27 - NJTV

The program will also be available online after the broadcasts.


Concert Review: "Piano sensation gave an impassioned and masterful performance."
Posted June 16, 2014

According to the Boston Musical Intelligencer, the "piano sensation gave an impassioned and masterful performance of a varied and challenging program" in his recital debut at the 2014 Rockport Music Festival on June 13, 2014. The reviewer wrote of his "energetic, near giddy reaction to the electric spirit of the evening."

He continued by writing that "Albright crafted the work (Schubert Impromptu, Op. 90 No. 3) with intricate and heartfelt pianistic beauty." "Albright, who possesses titanic technical skill and much emotional sensitivity, parted the gloomy skies with a sparkling stage-side manner, a welcoming sense of informality, and the artistic willingness and musical chops to include improvisation on the program, a still-rare skill that is being resuscitated by our best artists."

In the Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905, "Albright flexed his spiritual muscle, embodying the Janacek-ethos with sincerity and empathy." Albright's improvisation on random notes from members of the audience was "one executed with skill and seeming ease.

The Chopin Etudes, Op. 25 "were each formed with virtuosity and sensitivity. After explaining how each etude was centered on a particular technical skill, Albright launched into the 12-piece set, forming it with the coherency of a piano symphony."

"When the crowd refused to leave (after the first encore of the Volodos/Mozart Rodo alla Turca), Albright returned to the bench with the Liszt-Schumann Widmung as the perfect nightcap."

"Albright did both (improvising and engaging with one's audience), and the riotous applause is all the proof needed of their efficacy. The concert was a "getting to know you" session, which worked perfectly for this rising star."

The complete review is available here.



2014-2015 Concert Season and BBC Concert Orchestra Tour with Conductor Keith Lockhart
Posted June 9, 2014

Charlie's 2014-2015 Concert Season has been released and is available on the Concert Season page! Highlights of the season include a 14-concert U.S. tour with conductor Keith Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra in April, 2015; a debut at the Ruhr Klavier Festival in Germany to receive the Ruhr Festival Young Artist Scholarship Award in July, 2014, presented by pianist Marc-André Hamelin; debuts with the Tacoma and Victoria Symphonies; and many nationwide solo concert debuts.

For more information and to follow Charlie, please join Charlie's Facebook Page and keep checking back here as concerts are added!


Hour-Long Live Radio Broadcast Interview/Performance Available Online
Posted May 5, 2014

During a trip to perform on the Vancouver Recital Society Concert Series at the Vancouver Playhouse, Charlie stopped in Seattle to talk with host Sean MacLean and perform on the program Northwest Focus Live on April 25, 2014. A recording of the live broadcast is available here.


Charlie Receives 2014 Avery Fisher Career Grant
Posted March 18, 2014

Charlie was chosen to receive the 2014 Avery Fisher Career Grant from the Avery Fisher Artist Program of Lincoln Center. The grants "are designed to give professional assistance and recognition to talented instrumentalists, as well as chamber ensembles, who the Recommendation Board and Executive Committee of the Avery Fisher Artist Program believe to have great potential for major careers."

For more information, please visit the Avery Fisher Artist Program's website here.


Concert Review - "Albright did not play the piano. He was the piano." - Cortez Journal
Posted March 6, 2014

TheCortez Journal of Cortez, NM wrote that "There was an exceptionalism that west beyond technical proficiency or musical interpretation. Together we luxuriated in the incandescence of a musical intelligence that entertained, educated, uplifted and enlightened."

"To critique his breathtaking agility and depth at the piano would be to miss the greater point of his performance. His entire program was a living, breathing organism that made it impossible to separate artist from art or from the instrument upon which it was crafted."

"It was a wonder to behold. He held nothing back for himself. He gave it all away."

Describing his improvized composition, they wrote that "Gentle and lyrical one moment, martial and grandiose the next, it was an impressive sleight-of-hand which seemed, frankly, unbelievable."

"We glimpsed something true, eternal and marvelous and the evening became a celebration of those qualities."

The entire article is available here.



Chosun Ilbo Feature Article in South Korea
Posted January 26, 2014

Seoul's Chosun Ilbo wrote a feature article on Charlie in anticipation of his South Korean debut at the Kumho Art Hall on January 23, 2014. The article is available here, and a video interview is available here.


Charlie Receives 2014 Ruhr Festival Young Artist Scholarship Prize, Chosen by Pianist Marc-André Hamelin
Posted November 21, 2013

Charlie was chosen by pianist Marc-André Hamelin to receive the 2014 Ruhr Festival Young Artist Scholarship Prize. In addition to a grant to further his musical endeavors, Charlie will perform on July 4, 2014 as part of the Ruhr Piano Festival near Dusseldorf.


Tickets Available Now for Charlie's Seoul Debut on January 23, 2014
Posted November 2, 2013

Charlie will make his South Korean debut at part of the Kumho Art Hall's Rising Stars Series on January 23, 2014. Tickets are available now online through Interpark.


Review - "It would seem Albright is a born Schubert player, whose taste is simply impeccable."
Posted September 30, 2013

The Boston Musical Intelligencer wrote of Charlie's second of three Schubert Cycle concerts at the Gardner Museum, that "Albright has the requisite chops of a competition winner, but the beauty, sensitivity, and taste of a mature artist."

"His Schubert was ravishing, imaginative, poetic -- full of poignancy and lyricism. It would seem Albright is a born Schubert player, whose taste is simply impeccable."

The full review is available online here.


Collaboration with Tony Award-Winning Actor Courtney Vance and Director Diane Paulus
Posted September 22, 2013

Charlie performed both solo works and with Tony Award-winning actor Courtney Vance in a speech/performance directed by Diane Paulus at the official launch for the Harvard Capital Campaign. The evening, which took place on the grounds of the Harvard Stadium on September 21, 2013, marked the beginning for the $6.5 billiion goal for Harvard University to expand programs and financial aid for students.

Pictures of the event are posted here.


South Korean and Canadian Debuts Scheduled
Posted August 29, 2013

Charlie will make his official debut in Edmonton, Canada with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra on January 19, 2014 performing Duke Ellington's New World A-Comin' and the Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 2.

Days later, he will make his solo concert debut in Seoul, South Korea at the Kumho Art Hall as part of the Kumho Art Hall Rising Stars Series.

These concerts will mark 65 concerts during Charlie's 2013-2014 Concert Season.

Please check back soon for further updates!


Charlie Joins AMG as Commercial Management
Posted June 2, 2013

Charlie has signed with Bill Capone of Arts Management Group (AMG) for commercial management. As an AMG Artist, Charlie joins such pianists as Mitsuko Uchida and Vladimir Feltsman.

Charlie is transitioning from the Young Concert Artists (YCA) to AMG after having completed four complete concert seasons (through Spring, 2014) with the wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and developing the careers of young artists.

The 2013-2014 season will be transitory for Charlie, consisting of 64 concerts throughout the United States. He will primarily be managed by YCA, though all new concerts for 2013-2014 and beyond will be booked through AMG. AMG will begin representing Charlie beginning June 1, 2013 with the first main season beginning in the Fall of 2014.


2013-2014 U.S. Concert Tour Announced!
Posted May 16, 2013

Charlie's 2013-2014 Concert Season has been officially released! The busiest yet, it will consist of 63 concerts in 18 states.

Making this season unique, Young Concert Artists and Allied Concert Services have teamed up to create two "mini-tours" throughout the central United States in October, 2013 and February/March, 2014. During these mini-tours, Charlie will be driving from town to town (over 11,000 miles) performing in halls ranging from school auditoriums to major concert halls.

In addition, to these Central-U.S. tours, Charlie will be performing two additional all-Schubert concerts at the Gardner Museum in Boston, completing his 2013 all-Schubert cycle at the venue.

Other appearances include concerts with the Vancouver Recital Society in Vancouver, British Columbia; in Ohio; and in Illinois.

For more information, please view the complete 2013-2014 Concert Season. For the latest updates, be sure to add Charlie on Facebook and Twitter!


Concert Review - "If Albright is not indisputably first among equals, he seems to me unsurpassed and on the top tier."
Posted March 26, 2013

The Boston Musical Intelligencer raved of Charlie's first of three all-Schubert concerts at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Calderwood Hall, claiming that "If 24-year-old Charlie not indisputably first among equals, he seems to me unsurpassed, anyway, and on the top tier."

"I will be surprised to hear another performance at this level very soon. It was gripping, frankly, both spellbinding and spellbound, quite unlike most such solo recitals I've heard over the decades."

The review described Charlie's playing as "ravishing, limpid, even more singing than the norm. I instantly judged that this is a major lyrical and songful pianist."

"It was entirely evident that Albright got it, has important viewpoints, can impose without effort his will to say what he wants to say, never missing those subtler breaks with aching modulations."

"Albright knows inwardness and the playing feels emotionally wise."

"Albright contrasted lyricism of the greatest beauty with drama and portent, all in an unobvious, unobtrusive, unrushed and again cannily pedaled way."

"This was rare keyboard musicianship, interior, also remote, full of unease, a lonely wanderer in outer space sending back messages from other worlds. Albright was fully present and on top of things, attentive to his own performance, in complete command and control of his fingers, able to make things go just as he decided."

"Albright's psychological senses, heart and soul, were manifestly advanced enough to meet a challenging program."

Read the entire review online here or via download here.



Concert Review - "Albright revealed signs of a great career in the making. He played with delicacy, power and passion."
Posted March 9, 2013

Charlie's solo performance at ArtPlay in Birmingham, Alabama had the Birmingham News writing that "Albright revealed signs of a great career in the making. He played with delicacy, power and passion. Flashy technique, well-calculated phrasing and strength and stamina to spare were evident."

The concert included "brilliant arpeggios and lilting rhythms," and "an aggravating buzzing noise...didn't seem to faze him, another sign of professionalism."

"He played with delicacy, power and passion."

The complete review is available here.



Concert Review - "The cost of a LSO ticket Saturday night: Priceless."
Posted March 5, 2013

The Lafayette Journal and Courier raved about Charlie's performance with the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Nicholas Palmer, writing that "Albright dazzled in front of the LSO with his brilliant technique and sensitive musicality."

"Without a doubt the focal point of the concert was the young Albright. Albright played with flawless and dazzling technique, great sensitivity and musicality, but also appeared to be engrossed in and enjoying himself at the piano. His pleasure was reminiscent of the watching world-famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Musicality and sensitivity were great companions and partners with Albright's technique and virtuosity.

The greatest treat of the evening, following the standing ovation, was the encore Albright chose to play. Even more dazzling in technical difficulty, young Albright played Russian pianist and composer Arcadi Volodos' arrangement of the Mozart "Rondo ala Turca." It was a devilishly difficult piece and Albright played it effortlessly."

Read the entire review online here.



Charlie Receives 2013 Arthur W. Foote Award from the Harvard Musical Association
Posted January 15, 2013

Charlie is the winner of the 2013 Arthur W. Foote Award, presented by the Harvard Musical Association. The award, consisting of a monetary prize and a performance on April 5 in Cambridge, MA, is given to one individual or group yearly.

East-coast universities and conservatories may each submit up to two nominations to the HMA, from which a committee picks the recipient.

More information about the award can be found here.


Listen to Charlie's Latest Soundtrack Composition
Posted December 13, 2012

Listen to Charlie's latest soundtrack composition, We Shall Fight, and be sure to rate, comment, share, and subscribe to his YouTube channel while you're at it!

This piece is a Gladiator-esque, epic film score with a notable driving rhythm and lyric melody.


"I've never seen a Whatcom Symphony Orchestra audience leap to its feet as fast as it did this afternoon." - WSO Concert Review
Posted November 12, 2012

Charlie's guest artist appearance with the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra on November 3, 2012 and guest conductor Scott Seaton was a great success. "The final thunderous chord...hadn't even begun to fade before bravos were being rained on 24-year-old pianist Charlie Albright. It wasn't raining nearly as hard outside and that's saying a lot."

"The New York Times referred to Albright's technique as "...jaw-dropping." It's not even slightly hyperbolic. He took Tchaikovsky the way Petruchio took Kate and it was simply electrifying. Albright had to perform an encore before the crowd would let him go."

Click here to read the entire review by Entertainment News NW.


Performance with Yo-Yo Ma in NYC; Fort Smith Symphony Season Opener Sold Out
Posted September 28, 2012

Charlie will perform with cellist Yo-Yo Ma in an evening of roundtable discussion with Damian Woetzel by the Aspen Arts Strategy Group on the topic of Citizen Artistry at the Danny Kaye Playhouse of Hunter College in Manhattan on October 3.

Charlie is also performing the Mozart Concerto in C Major, K. 467 at the sold-out opening concert of the Fort Smith Symphony's new season on September 29.


2012-2013 Concert Season Released!
Posted July 31, 2012

Will Charlie be playing in your area this year? Well, if you live anywhere in the United States, the chances are yes! From the San Francisco Symphony and UC Davis, to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, to the Phillips Collection in DC, to his home state of Washington, to a few trips to Florida, to the southern states of New Mexico and Alabama, to the midwest...Charlie's 2012-2013 Concert Season includes well over thirty concerts and masterclasses throughout the country.

Find out if Charlie will be your area by viewing the new concert season here, and follow him on his journeys at his Blog and Facebook Page!


New Blog Posts, Korean Blog, and Improvisation Videos
Posted July 8, 2012

There are new blog posts available about Charlie rehearsing in the New York Steinway Hall Basement, as well as new improvisation videos online now! Also, Charlie now has a Korean blog available here!


Charlie's Vivace Now Available on Spotify!
Posted July 2, 2012

Haven't gotten the chance to hear Vivace yet? Why not listen on Spotify!

Or it is available for download at all major online retailers, including iTunes!

Want a physical copy? You can get one from CDBaby!


Charlie Awarded Grant from Bagby Foundation for the Musical Arts
Posted June 26, 2012

The Bagby Foundation for the Musical Arts, a foundation dedicated to the advancement of the arts, has awarded Charlie a small grant to further his career following a nomination and audition process. The grant will be used to help offset some of the many costs associated with developing a career in music.

Visit Charlie's blog to read a personal account of the experience!


The New, Official, Unofficial Blog...Follow Charlie's Day-to-Day Travels and Experiences!
Posted June 24, 2012

This website is the best place for the latest news and information about Charlie, his Facebook Fan Page can give you automatic updates of news and updates...but where can you follow Charlie on his concert tours, to the places he eats (and see the some of the tons of photos he takes), and even around on his normal routine when he's not on the road?

...His brand new blog! Visit and subscribe to, the official unofficial blog, where you can follow the day-to-day life of Charlie...from the airplane, to the hotel, to the practice room...right to the stage of some of the world's greatest halls! The blog will be updated very regularly, so check back often!


San Francisco Symphony Return Concert - July 19, 2012 at 7:30pm
Posted June 5, 2012

Charlie will perform Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the San Francisco Symphony and Maestro Michael Francis at Davies Symphony Hall on July 19 at 7:30pm!

Tickets are available online for $15-$72.

Who? - Charlie, Maestro Michael Francis, and the San Francisco Symphony
What? - Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
Where? - Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco
When? - July 19 at 7:30pm

More information is available through the San Francisco Symphony website.


"What Can't the Man Do?" "The Albright Effect...Steals Lansing Symphony Season Finale" - Concert Review
Posted May 16, 2012

Charlie's debut concert of the Rachmaninoff Paganini Variations, performed with the Lansing Symphony and Maestro Timothy Muffitt "broke every heard on board. He played every variation like a consummate actor whose pianistic skill was a mere bonus," according to the Lansing City Pulse.

"Albright’s engine room was stoked to the max with tireless dexterity, split-second timing and booming power in the low register, but his polish and poise disguised the hard work in a cloak of drama. 

When the music called for thunder, his hands coursed down like white-hot bolts onto the keys. While playing a stuffy, Victorian variation of the melody, he leaned back like a dignified matron and took everyone to finishing school. He even dared to be boring while playing a variation that evokes an endless trudge across the Russian steppe.

What can’t the man do? When one tricky variation scrambled each note of the melody into a series of indistinct ripples, he turned his hands into two purple octopi and jetted through it as if it were the most natural thing in the world."

The complete review is available here.


Morricone/Puccini - Albright - "The Mission" and "Nessun Dorma"
Posted April 9, 2012

Listen to Charlie's dress rehearsal of an improvisation of The Mission and Nessun Dorma in HD by clicking here.

Recording Engineer: SiMon from Sound Professionals


New York Times Appearance
Posted April 1, 2012

"The up-and-coming pianist" Charlie's picture and name were mentioned as among the "world-class performers" in the 2011-2012 Friends of Music Concert Season this year in this article in the New York Times featuring the Sleepy Hollow-based series.

Click here to read the article from March 30, or here to read a New York Times review of last season's debut!


Watch A New Short Documentary: "A Young Pianist Charlie Albright"
Posted March 5, 2012

A Young Pianist Charlie Albright, a short documentary by Hyunah Jang, was released giving a sneak peak into the life of a young concert pianist. Filmed during the winter of 2011/2012, the piece shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his career.

The work can be watched online here.


JCC of Greater Washington Concert Sunday, February 26 at 7:30pm
Posted February 21, 2012

Charlie will be performing at the JCC of Greater Washington on Sunday, February 26 at 7:30pm. The full program will include the Chopin Etudes, Op. 25; the Beethoven Sonata, Op. 110; and works by Schulz-Evler/Strauss and Schubert.

Tickets are available here for $40 for the general public and $35 for students.


2012/2013 Concert Season Preview - Charlie Albright Returns to the
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Posted February 14, 2012

The current concert season is just halfway over, but what better time to preview next year than right now?

Charlie returns to Davies Symphony Hall to perform Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the San Francisco Symphony on July 19, 2012 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available from $15 to $72 at the box office or online through the San Francisco Symphony website.


Charlie's Albany, NY Debut "Poetically Magical, Sensational"
Posted Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Schenectady Daily Gazette, in a review of his January 27 debut at the Massry Center for the Arts in Albany, NY, declared that "Pianist Charlie Albright galvanized a capacity crowd...with a superb technical display but also a level of musicianship that could only be called poetically magical."

"His program showed off some of the things he does best: a frothy, fleet, effortless technique; a singing tone that is like a caress; phrasing that breathes and lifts with exquisite nuances; and an exuberance that is as sunny as it is intense, passionate, and effervescent."

"Albright's 12 Chopin Etudes from Op. 25 were...perfect. Everything was well sung with traditional rubato, tempos and exceptional pacing. His technical display was nothing short of sensational."

"The audience couldn't get enough."

The entire article is available here.


Groupon Available for Limited Time for Albany, NY Concert
Posted January 25, 2011 - 4:56pm ET

For a limited time, a 50% off Groupon is available for Charlie's solo concert at the Massry Center for the Arts on January 27, 2012 at 7:30pm. Charlie will also be giving a masterclass on January 26 at 4pm.


Watch Charlie Play the Turkish March
Posted December 3, 2011

Producer Simon Yue has uploaded a video of Charlie playing the Volodos transcription of the Mozart Turkish March. The YouTube video on SoundProfessional's channel here and on Charlie's YouTube channel here.


"Charlie Albright Steals Phoenix Symphony Show"
Posted November 5, 2011

The Phoenix Republic declares that "Pianist Charlie Albright steals the Phoenix Symphony show" on November 3, 2011, where Charlie performed the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in B-Flat Major in Scottsdale, AZ. Click here for the complete review of the concert.


Charlie Albright Live with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra
Posted October 27, 2011

Come hear Charlie perform Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto on November 3, 2011 at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Phoenix, Arizona under the direction of Maestro Sean Newhouse with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra website.


Leverett House Artist-in-Residence Series Concert Tickets Available
Posted September 29, 2011

Charlie performs in the first concert of the Leverett House Artist-in-Residence Program on Thursday, October 6 at 9pm. Tickets are now available for purchase through the Harvard Box Office (617-496-2222). The concert will feature works by Schubert, Beethoven, Schulz-Evler-Strauss, and Chopin.

Click here for more information.


Performance Today Artist-in-Residence National Radio Broadcast Dates
Updated September 30, 2011

Charlie opens Performance Today's Artist-in-Residence season on September 26-30, 2011. Five days of performances by Charlie and interviews with Performance Today host Fred Child will be broadcast nationwide over both American Public Media (APM) and National Public Radio (NPR) stations, as well as internationally online.

Launched in 1987, Performance Today is the most listened-to daily classical music radio program in the United States, with 1.2 million listeners on 237 stations, and is hosted by Fred Child.

Click here for Charlie's Page on the Performance Today Website.

Please check local radio listings for air times.

Click here to listen to Day 1 of 5, featuring the Haydn Sonata in E-Flat Major, Hob. 16:52.

Click here to listen to Day 2 of 5, featuring works by Schumann and Liszt.

Click here to listen to Day 3 of 5, featuring the Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905.

Click here to listen to Day 4 of 5, featuring works by Chopin.

Click here to listen to Day 5 of 5, featuring works by Schulz-Evler-Strauss.


Charlie to Perform 9/11 Remembrance with Cellist Yo-Yo Ma;
Revised Concert Season
Posted September 10, 2011

Charlie will perform Messiaen's Louange à l'Éternité de Jésus movement from the Quartet for the End of Time with cellist Yo-Yo Ma at the New College Theater of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA on September 27, 2011 at 6pm. The event will include a talk by Homi Bhabha on The Art of Survival: A Tenth Anniversary Observance of 9/11 in Words, Music, and Dance."

Please also note the revised concerts in the 2011-2012 Concert Season.


2011-2012 Biography Available
Posted September 2, 2011

Charlie's 2011-2012 Biography has been released and is available online, as a PDF, and as part of the official Press Kit.


2011-2012 Concert Season Released
Posted August 17, 2011

Charlie's 2011-2012 Concert Season has been released with over 27 performances and residencies throughout the country, Highlights include debuts with the Phoenix and Lansing Symphonies, a return to the 2012 Gilmore Keyboard Festival, and appearances at universities nationwide.

Keep checking back as new concerts will shortly be added to the season!


Missed Charlie's Janácek Sonata on American Public Radio July 26, 2011?
Posted July 27, 2011

Did you miss hearing Charlie's performance of the Janácek Piano Sonata on American Public Radio yesterday? No problem! The July 26, 2011 national radio broadcast is available online at this link!

Plus, keep checking back for exciting upcoming news involving Charlie and American Public Radio for the coming season!


2011/2012 Concert Season Announcement Coming Soon
Posted July 18, 2011

Check back here often and join the official Charlie Albright Facebook Page for the release of Charlie's 2011/2012 Concert Season!

But first...a sneak peak:

* Charlie will appear in the Northwest in the fall, the Southwest in November, the Mid-West in the spring, the South throughout April, and the east coast all season.

* Guest Artist appearances with major orchestras

* Residencies and Masterclasses at concert halls and universities nationwide

* National radio broadcasts/interviews

Be sure to join the official Facebook Page to stay up to date with the latest news and updates regarding the new concert season!


Performance at the Rockport Music Festival in the Young Artists Piano Virtuoso Showcase
Posted July 17, 2011

Charlie appears at 2pm on July 17, 2011 at the Rockport Music Festival in the Shalin Liu Performance Center as part of the Young Artists Piano Virtuoso Showcase, performing the Schumann-Liszt Widmung, the Paganini-Liszt La Campanella, and the Strauss-Schulz-Evler Concert Arabesques on Themes from "On the Beautiful Blue Danube."

More information is available at the Rockport Music Festival website.


"Charlie Albright Plays Chopin" Podcast Available Online
Posted June 13, 2011

Download a new podcast "Charlie Albright Plays Chopin" online from WGBH Boston 99.5 All Classical's "Live from Fraser," available online here.


Charlie Albright Named Official Steinway Artist
Posted June 8, 2011

Charlie was accepted to be among the roster of Official Steinway Artists. As a Steinway Artist, one has agreed to exclusively use Steinway pianos whenever possible and has available to them the worldwide Steinway network.

Among the roster are such artists as Emanuel Ax, Richard Goode, and Murray Perahia.

The complete roster is available here.


Feature Article in 360th Commencement Edition of theHarvard Gazette
Posted May 26, 2011

Charlie was featured in a full-page article in the 360th Commencement Edition of the Harvard Gazette, distributed to all guests at the Harvard University Commencement on May 26, 2011. The full-page article is on page 20 of the publication, available online here.


Boston Korea Front Page Article
Posted May 23, 2011

Charlie was featured on the front page of Boston Korea in an article highlighting his recent debuts with the Longwood Symphony and Boston Pops debuts.

The complete article in native Korean is available here, with a brief, translated version in English available here.


The Boston Globe - Boston Pops Symphony Hall Debut
Posted May 18, 2011

Charle's debut night with the Boston Pops and Keith Lockhart at Symphony Hall was lauded by the Boston Globe in this review.

"The young pianist Charlie Albright, already the successful veteran of several competitions, dished out handfuls of impressive, brawny sparkle for New Orleans-born Louis Moreau Gottschalk's "Grande Tarentelle."


Live from Fraser Radio Broadcast Available Online
Posted May 17, 2011

Did you miss Charlie's performances/interview on WGBH Boston's 99.5 All Classical? The entire program is now available online here!

Pieces Include:
Schumann-Liszt "Widmung"
Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905
Menotti Ricercare and Toccata on a Theme from "The Old Maid and the Thief"
Chopin Etudes, Op. 25: #1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 12


Live from Fraser on WGBH Boston's 99.5 All Classical
Posted May 12, 2011

Listen to Charlie give an hour-long interview and performance on "Live from Fraser!" on 99.5 All Classical WGBH Boston tonight (May 12, 2011)at 7pm EST or online here. in preparation for his Longwood Symphony and Boston Pops debuts on May 14 and May 17-18.

Pieces Include:
Schumann-Liszt "Widmung"
Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905
Menotti Ricercare and Toccata on a Theme from "The Old Maid and the Thief"
Chopin Etudes, Op. 25: #1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 12


Charlie Receives 2011 Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts from Harvard University
Posted April 20, 2011

Charlie was announced as the recipient of the 2011 Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts from Harvard University, which "Recognizes the senior with the most outstanding artistic talent and achievement in the composition or performance of film, music, drama, dance, or visual arts."

The press release for the 2011 Arts Awards at Harvard is available here.


American Public MediaPerformance Today Broadcast Friday, April 15, 2011
Posted April 14, 2011

Charlie's February 24th performance of Chris Rogerson's 'Til It Was Dark will be aired on APM's Performance Today on Friday, April 15, 2011. The piece which he debuted at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in February was commissioned by Young Concert Artists for Charlie.


Portrait of an Artist: Charlie Albright '11
Posted April 4, 2011

Charlie was featured in the Portrait of an Artist section of The Crimson. The article can be found here.


Washington Center for the Performing Arts Solo Debut - Three Encores, Five Standing Ovations
Posted March 17, 2011

Charlie's return to Washington State for his first concert in a year and his solo debut at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, WA was met with "applause, cheers, and whistles" and ended with "not one, but three encores. Each time he walked back on stage for another encore, the crowd voiced its approval louder and louder" according to a Centralia Chronicle review.


"Virtuosity meshed with a distinctive musicality throughout"...
"Jaw-dropping technique" - The New York Times
Posted March 9, 2011

The New York Times hailed Charlie's "jaw-dropping technique" and "virtuosity meshed with a distinctive musicality throughout" in a review of his March 8, 2011 Merkin Hall Debut in New York City.

Click here to read the entire review.


Symphony Hall Debut with Boston Pops Orchestra on May 17-18, 2011
Posted February 28, 2011

Charlie will debut with the Boston Pops Orchestra at Symphony Hall on May 17-18, 2011 performing the Gottschalk Grand Tarantella. More information regarding ticketing will be available shortly.


"Albright is among the most gifted musicians of his generation."
-The Washington Post

Posted February 15, 2011

The Washington Post declared that "Albright is among the most gifted musicians of his generation" in a review of his debut at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on February 14, 2011.

"An impressive range of differently colored sounds at the keyboard was matched by overwhelming virtuosity. Albright leapt the most outrageous technical hurdles...with a sense of dangerous self-abandon that was thrilling to hear."

"At the same time, musical shape was never sacrificed to showmanship."

Click here to read the complete review.


Concert Review - "Piano Virtuoso Performs Admirably"
Posted February 7, 2011

Charlie received a raving review from the Buffalo News, which wrote that he played with

"the kind of maturity one usually doesn't expect from a young virtuoso, and the result was one of those "take-it-with-you" memories that occur rarely, in even the most affecting of concerts."

"A few years from now...the people who were in the audience for his piano concert Sunday afternoon will be able to say "I saw him when...""

Click here to read the complete review.


Press Release - Debut Album Update - Vivace's Track List Announced
Posted January 14, 2011

The title and track list of Charlie Albright's debut album has been officially announced. Vivace will be released in February, 2011 and will consist of the following pieces:

Haydn Sonata in E-Flat Major, Hob. 16:52
Menotti Ricercare and Toccata on a Theme from The Old Maid and the Thief
Schumann-Liszt Widmung (Dedication)
Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905 (From The Street)
Chopin Etudes, Op. 25
Albright Touch the Peace

Physical copies of the CD will be available after most concerts and online via CDBaby. The entire album will also be available for digital download at many online retailers, including:

Amazon MP3
Verizon V-Cast


Latest Article - Commentary: Albright Among Harvard's 15 'Most Interesting'
Posted January 7, 2011

An editorial commentary was written in the Chronicle, published January 6, 2010. The article may be read online here.


Commercial CD Announcement - Release in February, 2011
Posted December 29, 2010

Charlie's first commercially available debut album has been announced with a February, 2011 release date. The album, recorded on the Charlie Albright Piano at the Centralia College's Corbet Hall, will include the following works:

Haydn Sonata in E-Flat Major, Hob. 16:52
Menotti Ricercare and Toccata on a Theme from The Old Maid and the Thief
Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905
Chopin Etudes, Op. 25

Physical CDs of the album should be available for sale online and after most concerts during the remainder of Charlie's 2010-2011 Concert Season, and also for digital download online through such venues as:

Amazon MP3
Verizon V-Cast

Join the Charlie Albright Fan Page through Facebook and keep checking regularly for more information as the release approaches!


15 Most Interesting Seniors of Harvard College Class of 2011
Posted December 10, 2010

Charlie was named one of the 15 Most Interesting Seniors of the Harvard College Class of 2011. An article in The Harvard Crimson can be found here.


Something is Coming Campaign
Posted December 5, 2010

An announcement will be made on December 29 to culminate the Something is Coming campaign. Check in later this month for updates regarding the upcoming press release.


Charlie Albright Return Concert to Kalamazoo Sold Out
Posted November 4, 2010

Charlie's Sunday, November 7th's Return Concert to Kalamazoo, MI is now sold out. A waiting list is available for those who would still like tickets by calling the Gilmore office at 269.342.1166 before noon on Friday. Tickets are $22 for adults and $5 for students.

Official Boston Solo Debut on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 1:30pm
Posted October 27, 2010

Charlie will make his official Boston Solo Debut as part of the YCA Concert Series at 1:30pm on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA. Tickets are $23 for adults, $18 for seniors, $10 for college students, and $5 for children aged 5-17.

The program will consist of the Haydn Sonata in E-Flat Major, Hob. 16:52; the Janácek Sonata 1.X.1905; the Schulz-Evler Concert Arabesques on Themes from On the Beautiful Blue Danube; and the Schumann Carnaval.


Charlie Albright Named Harvard University Leverett House Artist in Residence
Posted October 8, 2010

Charlie was named the Artist in Residence for Harvard University's Leverett House for 2011-2012. Previous Artists in Residence at Leverett have included the likes of cellist Yo-Yo Ma (1979-1981).


Charlie Albright Featured on WQXR Radio, New York City
Posted October 6, 2010

Charlie was featured on The McGraw-Hills Companies Young Artists Showcase on October 6, 2010. The full program includes live studio performances of the Haydn Sonata in E-Flat Major and the Schulz-Evler Concert Arabesques on "On the Beautiful Blue Danube," a live improvisation, and interviews throughout.

A preview of the full-length program involves a live studio performance of Liszt's La Campanella.

The preview of the program is available on the WQXR Website by clicking here.

The full program is available on the WQXR Website by clicking here.


Seattle Symphony Debut
Posted September 12, 2010

Charlie's debut with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra was met with great reception at Benaroya Hall, including cheers, five sets of bows, and two standing ovations.

The next performance in his concert season is on September 26, 2010 in Wappingers Falls, NY. For more information, see Charlie's complete Concert Season.


Upcoming Debut with the Seattle Symphony
Posted September 3, 2010

Charlie's debut with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and maestro Gerard Schwarz takes place at Benaroya Hall on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 7:30pm. Tickets may be purchased from the Seattle Symphony website and range from $9-$69.

The program includes a world premiere of a piece by composer Augusta Read Thomas, the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3, and the Beethoven 8th Symphony.


Successful German Debut
August 22, 2010

Charlie made his German debut at a castle in Pluschow, outside of Hamburg. The program consisted of works by Haydn, Janácek, Schulz-Evler, and Schumann. The reception was spectacular, with "unusual" demands for three encores following the program.

Charlie's next performance will be with a Seattle Symphony Debut at Benaroya Hall on September 10, 2010. Tickets may be purchased online here.


San Francisco Symphony Debut Update
July 25, 2010

Charlie performed the Duke Ellington New World A-Comin' to a concert hall of over two thousand guests as his debut with the San Francisco Symphony on July 22, 2010 at Davies Symphony Hall, under the direction of Maestra Alondra de la Parra.

He played an encore of La Campanella and received the response of a standing ovation from those present.

The next concert in the 2010-2011 Concert Season is a solo debut in Germany on August 20, 2010. This is shortly followed by a debut with the Seattle Symphony under Music Director Gerard Schwarz at Seattle's Benaroya Hall.


Follow Charlie on Twitter!
July 10, 2010

Follow Charlie on Twitter. Now you can stay up to date with Charlie during his travels. Charlie's Twitter feed is on the right, just below the Charlie Albright Fan Page feed. You can also reach Charlie's Twitter page by clicking here.

As a reminder, join the Charlie Albright fan page and "like" Charlie on Facebook for the latest news, concert notifications, and announcements. The feed is on the right-side of this page, or you can get to the page by clicking here.


Update: 2010-2011 Concert Season
July 6, 2010

Charlie's official 2010-2011 Concert Season has been updated. The details on the twenty-seven concerts/masterclasses that Charlie will give in the coming year can be found on the Concert Season page here.


2010-2011 Concert Season Officially Announced
June 12, 2010

Charlie's official 2010-2011 Concert Season has been officially announced. Details can be found on the Concert Season page here.


"Gilmore Young Artist Charlie Albright is rising star pianist; see him this weekend" - Review of Concert on April 22, 2010 by the Grand Rapids Press
April 23, 2010

"Poetry in motion." Such was the description of Charlie's performance of the Mozart Concerto in D minor on April 22, 2010 with the Grand Rapids Symphony and Music Director David Lockington.

"...Albright's professional polish was evident, not only in the way he played the piece, but in the manner he played with the orchestra, as opposed to against or merely alongside it."

"...Playing with flair as well as fireworks."

Regarding Charlie's encore of Liszt's La Campanella, it was written that "The velocity is fast, the interval stretches for both hands are vast. The trills are taxing, but when played well -- as Albright did on Thursday -- the effect is thrilling."

"This college going places in music."

"In Royce Auditorium on Thursday, Albright was number one all the way."

Click here to read the entire article online.


San Francisco Symphony Debut Concert Scheduled
April 18, 2010

Charlie will debut with the San Francisco Symphony on July 22, 2010 at 8pm with conductor Alondra de la Parra at Davies Symphony Hall, performing Duke Ellington's New World A-Comin'.

Tickets are available for purchase online through the San Francisco Symphony website for $15-$70.


2010 Gilmore Keyboard Festival Concerts
April 18, 2010

As a 2010 Gilmore Young Artist, Charlie will perform six concerts in the 2010 Gilmore Keyboard Festival throughout Michigan. He will make three appearances with the Grand Rapids Symphony performing the Mozart Concert in D minor on April 22-24 in Grand Rapids and Zeeland, followed by three solo concert appearances on April 27, 29, and May 2 in Three Rivers, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek.

A feature article was published on Charlie, today, in the Grand Rapids Press.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster online and at 800-932-2787, and also online through the Gilmore Keyboard Festival website.


3 City Official Debuts Scheduled - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Kennedy Center, and Merkin Concert Hall
April 11, 2010

Charlie's official debuts in Boston, MA; Washington, D.C.; and New York City in the 2010-2011 Concert Season have been scheduled as follows:

October 31, 2010 - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston, MA
February 14, 2011 - Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington, D.C.
March 8, 2011 - Merkin Concert Hall - New York City, NY


The Chronicle - Charlie Albright Piano Inaugural Concert Article
March 29, 2010

Click here to read the March 29 article in The Chronicle on the Charlie Albright Piano Inaugural Concert that took place on March 27, 2010.


The Charlie Albright Piano Debut Concert
March 23, 2010, 7:00pm- Corbet Hall, Centralia, WA

Charlie is scheduled to debut the Charlie Albright Piano, a 9-foot Steinway purchased in December for the Corbet Hall of the Centralia College. The piano, dedicated to him, will serve to attract musicians to Centralia, encouraging the growth of the fine arts in the area.

As the culmination of The Charlie Albright Piano Project, this concert will raise the remaining funds for the purchase of this piano. The project is run by the Centralia College Foundation.

Charlie is an alumni of the Centralia College, having graduated in 2007.

Tickets are on sale through the Foundation office at (360) 736-9391, ext. 777.


Seattle Symphony Orchestra Debut Scheduled
February 20, 2010, 7:30pm- Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA

Charlie will be the guest artist with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra on September 10, 2010 with conductor Gerard Schwarz, performing the Beethoven Piano Concerto, No. 3. The concert, part of the Beethoven and Wine Festival, begins at 7:30pm at Benaroya Hall.

Tickets will be available beginning August 9. For more information, please visit this concert's page at the Seattle Symphony website.


Harvard for Haiti Benefit Concert
February 12, 2010, 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific

Charlie will perform at the Harvard for Haiti Benefit Concert, to be held at Sanders Theatre of Harvard University. The concert, including performances by violinist Ryu Goto, jazz pianist Malcolm Campbell, and dancer Merritt Moore, will donate all ticket proceeds to Partners in Health, a nonprofit group working with Haiti, thanks to both Harvard and the Harvard Office of the Arts, which are underwriting all production expenses so that this is possible.

Watch the event through a live, online feed that will be broadcast so that people worldwide can join in on the event to help Haiti recover from the recent devastating earthquake. The link to the online webcast is available here.

More information can be found on the official Harvard for Haiti Benefit Concert Facebook Event Page and in an article from The Harvard Gazette.


Inaugural Concert of The Charlie Albright Piano at Corbet Hall Scheduled
December 30, 2009

Charlie will debut the newly-purchased Charlie Albright Piano in a solo concert at Corbet Hall of the Centralia College on March 27, 2010 at 7:30pm. The concert is sponsored by the Centralia College Foundation.

As one of three concert appearances in Washington State in Charlie's 2009-2010 concert season, this concert will take place two weeks after a guest artist performance of the Mozart Piano Concerto in D minor with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra on March 14, 2010 at 7pm. For more information on these performances, please see the 2009-2010 Concert Season.


Charlie Albright Piano Purchased from the Centralia College Foundation's Charlie Albright Piano Project
December 23, 2009

The Charlie Albright Piano Project, run by the Centralia College Foundation, celebrates the purchase of a new 9-foot Model D Steinway piano for the Corbet Hall of the Centralia College, Charlie's alma mater (Class of 2007, Associate of Science). The new piano, dedicated to Charlie by the Centralia College, will be used for professional concerts. The inaugural concert, given by Charlie Albright, will be held on March 27, 2010.


First Prize, 2009 Young Concert Artists International Auditions
November 21, 2009

Charlie wins first prize at the 2009 Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York City, NY. The competition, comprising of 146 contestants from 30 countries, awarded Charlie and three other winners with professional management through YCA, Inc.

During the 2010-2011 concert season, Charlie will make debuts in Boston, MA at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; in New York City at the Merkin Concert Hall; and in Washington, D.C. at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Past winners of the YCA International Auditions include pianists Murray Perahia, Richard Goode, and Emanuel Ax.

The official press release from Young Concert Artists, Inc. is available.


Charlie Receives 2010 Gilmore Young Artist Award
June, 2009

Charlie is awarded the 2010 Gilmore Young Artist Award. Awarded to two American pianists every two years, this prestigious award is not applied for by contendees as in many competitions. Instead, a group of musicians secretly follows the careers and attends performances of pianists over the course of about two years before surprising the winners with the unexpected award.

Accompanying this award is a $15,000 fund that can be used to aid the artist in any musical-related activity, as well as an additional $10,000 to be used to commission a composer to write a piece for the artist.

In addition, Charlie is invited to perform 6 concerts at the 2010 Gilmore Keyboard Festival to be held from April 18 through May 8, 2010. More information is available on the Concert Season page, as well as links to purchase tickets.


Welcome to the Redesigned
January 11, 2010

Welcome to the new The site was redesigned with the user in mind in order to provide an improved experience. While the general feel of the site was intended to be maintained, one might notice easier navigation, quick links to downloads and external sites, many new pages including Connect with Charlie, the widescreen aspect ratio, and an overall more enjoyable and interactive experience. Please feel free to explore all parts of the site and return often for the latest news and updates on Charlie Albright.

The new blue box on the right-hand side is designed to help you with quick links and downloads. Depending on the page, this box will provide you with one-click access to downloadable biographies, press photo packages, and press kits, as well as links to external sites.

The new Connect with Charlie and FAQs pages were created specifically to connect you with Charlie and let you get to know him not only as a musician, but as a person. Have a question or comment? Join the Charlie Albright Facebook Fan Page and post it! Charlie and other fans would love to hear and answer them.







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